Real Time versus Online QuotesInvestors oven choose stocks to put their money into, so it is vital to know the prices of the stocks they are interested in buying. Stock market prices can be very volatile and change on a second’s notice depending what is going on in the world market.

When it comes to getting free stock quotes for the price of stock, there are two types: online and real time. Both are valuable tools in helping a potential investor to decide if they are going to buy or sell a stock they own or are following, but there are differences that potential investors need to know. Here is an explanation of real time and online stock quotes.

Real Time Stocks Quotes

Real time stock quotes give the investor precise and actual data on the price in real time as it happens at that moment. If an investor is following the price of a particular stock, a real time quote gives them the most current actual price. Sometimes investors can get free stock quotes online that are real time quotes, but other times it may require becoming a member of a group or subscribing to a particular kind of newsletter.

A real-time stock works better as a way to get immediate feedback on a stock price because when the investor goes on the site and is quoted a real time quote, they can get immediate feedback on the transaction. Any data on the stock can be immediately verified, while with other kinds of free stock quotes, the price could be horribly off and inaccurate.

Timing is everything when it comes to making investments in the stock market. If you have real time quotes on the prices of the stocks you are following or already own, you will be able to make an accurate decision as to whether or not to buy more stocks or sell the ones that you already have in your portfolio. If someone is anticipating buying or selling a large amount of stocks, then having the exact price via real time stock quotes can be worth having to pay a possible fee instead of getting free stock quotes online from a free stock or finance website.

Online Stock Quotes

Online stock quotes are the free stock quotes that an investor can find on the Internet regarding the stocks they are following. While the online stock quote is not in real time like a real time stock quote, it is still helpful for telling a potential investor how the history of the price of the stocks are going. This can help a potential investor to be better able to make a decision as to whether or not they want to buy the stocks.

Online stock quotes are less expensive for the website involved to post then if they were required to post real time stock quotes. In some cases, big corporations will pay to be able to access real time stock quotes over free stock quotes online because they want to be certain of whether or not the stock prices they are estimating are correct and accurate so they can determine their investment budgets. On the other hand, online stock quotes are usually free stock quotes, so this could help to save a business money if they have a low budget for investment making.

When it comes to the casual stock buyer, free stock quotes they get from online stock quotes are more likely to be useful since they are not normally investing huge amounts of money and may just be curious as to how a stock is doing on the market over time. Much of the online stock quotes are the ones that are available as free stock quotes, while real time stock quotes usually are only available by paying a fee.

Supply and Demand Control Stock Quotes

One of the main factors that control stock quotes, whether they are online stock quotes or real time stock quotes is supply and demand. If, for instance, a company is deciding to expand, this could cause a sudden rise in its stock price. If someone is checking on the stock’s price via real time stock quotes, then they will have better and quicker notice to jump on the deal if they wish to invest in that stock. If the potential investor is only looking at free stock quotes via online stock quites, then they may not have the current stock price in time to get the best deal on the stock prices.

All in all, the main point is that free stock quotes are available as online stock quotes and these can be helpful in determining the trend of a stock’s price availability, while real time stock quotes, which may not be free, can be more valuable because they allow quicker and more accurate access to the price of a stock.